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Representations on the „Spring campaign” Hungarian playing cards

The system of representation on playing cards:

Cards VII show musical instruments of military bands.
Cards VIII typify the armament and matériel of military formations.
Cards IX show drums.
Cards X show flags and ribbons from the time of the War of Independence.
Knaves are soldiers of different military units.
For Queens there are outstanding generals of the Spring Campaign.
For Kings there are members of the Hungarian government sworn on the Holy Crown Constitution. There is no legally enthroned king at that time.
Aces show victorious battles of the Spring Campaign and the siege of Buda.

Film from „Spring campaign”

Size of pages: 120x75mm

Spring Champaign can be ordered via e-mail from

It may be personally collected on appointment made via e-mail or C.O.D. (cash on delivery)
Price: 2800 HUF =10 EURO.

Postage in case of 1 or 2 packs: 1000 HUF in Hungary, 3000 HUF (11,5 EURO) to other countries
Time of delivery: 2-3 days in Europe, 1 week to other countries

Let him look at it: "Charta Bellica" Playing Cards

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